Wedding photography and filming throughout Lithuania

We present a detailed photo gallery of our work, where you can find different photos for every occasion. We hope that the photos will help you choose whether we are suitable for you, whether the photography style and other things match.
Professional wedding photographers and video operators can come to any place in Lithuania. And we are from Vilnius. So we can meet with Vilniets whenever it is convenient for you.

 With extensive experience in wedding photography, we can offer both traditional and non-traditional photo solutions such as photos taken in the air, professional filming services.

There is a lot to talk about, what are quality photos, how to choose a shooting location. How much experience we have, but we are best reflected by the work we have done.
Our main activity is wedding photography, but we are flexible in photographing other holidays and events. We work with both physical and legal clients.
Liked our wedding photos? This is our strength. If you have any questions, we will be waiting for your questions by phone or e-mail.