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Inga Mirutenkuvienė

Thank you very much for perfectly capturing our celebration, for the wonderful photos. I recommend it to others!


Vilda Avinienė

Thank you very much for such a great job!!! I'm so glad you made itWe invite you to be the photographers of our celebration. The pictures are amazing!!Thank you so much!!


Kristina Griškėnienė

We thought for a long time about which photographer to choose and we are extremely happy that we trusted this photographer to record our celebration, we are very satisfied - the photos are great!  THANK YOU !!!! We wish you creative success and continued such original ideas!

IMG_7737 fb

Victoria Armonavičienė

We want to say a big THANK YOU for the photos and work! The photos are super and very warm! Success in work!

IMG_0451 fb

Giedrė Jankauskienė

Thank you for capturing our celebration beautifully!


Vilma Malciūtė

Thank you for the cool photos, for the warm communication and good ideas for capturing our holiday. We are happy and satisfied with your work and results.

Photo session in the rain

‎Laura Protaitė‎

I am very happy, wonderful works of the photographer! Thank you for your patience, advice, pleasant communication and cozy atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the photos so quickly and thank you again!

IMG_4167 2

Inga Ardavičiene

I want to thank and at the same time recommend the photographer who captures the holidays with excellent work. Thanks to you, we were happy, we understood from the hint... The results are amazing!


Kamilė Čekauskaite

You left a great impression. To be honest, I really didn't expect such great results as I saw. The photographer, ideas, advice, searches, openness and honesty, of course, company and high spirits - all this adds up to the final result. And he is GREAT! I can't look at the pictures. Therefore, I would like to thank you again,, Thank you!

IMG_6046 fb

Tomas Daumantas

Professionally done photo session and selected location. Pleasant, friendly communication, getting to know the intricacies of photography up close, and the most gratifying thing — high-quality photos from which a better result than I expected was obtained. Thanks to the photographers.


Giedrė Gedminaitė

I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful photo shoot! She was impressive! And the results are amazing.


‎Alina Zaridze‎

We sincerely thank you for such a great job and its results! The photos, as we expected, are very beautiful. I'm glad that during the celebration we weren't forced to just pose in front of the cameras, everything happened naturally, capturing every natural moment of joy, really a big thank you to


Kristina Frankis

Thank you!!!
All the photos are warm, autumn (although it was very cold) !!!
I recommend it, we were definitely not disappointed!


‎Agnė Kazlauskienė‎

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and album.


Danguolė Tamuliavičienė

We are satisfied with the anniversary photo session! Sincerely, our family, we are satisfied with the result! Thank you.


‎Gintare Gutauskienė

Thank you for capturing our miracle's birthday and christening. Although it was difficult to capture the little one's smile, the result was surprising, the best moments and little facial expressions were captured. Everything is better than I expected. Amazing!

IMG_4150 fb

Greta Melvydaitė‎

I am very satisfied with the work of the photographer!
Thank you for the wonderful photos, patience, great mood and friendly communication...
I recommend it to everyone!


Katryna Bartasiute

Amazing work and a wonderful photographer, great photos, I recommend it to everyone and I promise to order his services again.

IMG_4472 web

Andreja Vareikaitė

Really liked it! The quality of the photos is excellent. The photographer is very friendly. Everything is great. I will always reach out.


Red Dragon

Thanks to the photographer for a fun photo session!


Aivaras Kalinauskas

Very good photos, I liked the photo session!

Wedding decoration ideas for young people

Agne Griškevičiūtė

We are satisfied with the services of the photographer. The photos are amazing. Thank you!

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Jurate Va

We thank you for capturing the warm emotions, the intoxicating kisses, the sparkle in your eyes, for turning a cloudy and rainy day into an enchanting golden autumn day. Perfectly created mood, musical background accompanying everywhere, pleasant communication allowed us to simply enjoy the moment. The photos are fantastic!

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Laura Gudonytė

We are satisfied are serveds, pleasant and warm communication, great photosfrom THANK YOU!

IMG_8812 fb

Fire Rołl

Thanks for the photos.All photos great, lolI liked it. I am very satisfied work!


Diana in Bekasene

Great professional work, beautiful photos. Anton is a very nice person. Anton, thanks for the great creative work! Still, I think there is something to do in the field of beauty photography. THANK YOU.

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Aušra Dailydė

Thanks for the captured moments. We are satisfied with the services.


Pavel Kolesnik

Photographers have one eye glass and see the world differently. Thanks for the craftsmanship.

Reviews of wedding photographer and video operator

Tips on how to choose reviews

You probably spend a lot of time in front of the computer when looking for the right wedding photographer for you. You can see many photographers offering their services online. Most of them have positive reviews, or at least they say so. We want to give you some tips on how to check if the reviews are real. Be careful, because cheap or beginner photographers often use photos that are not their own.

  • Check the shooting style on different platforms. Every wedding photographer has their own style, it's like handwriting. We advise you to check the website, Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • EmploymentProfessional photographers have busy work schedules. If a wedding photographer has a lot of free time, even on summer weekends, this can be an indicator that he is a newcomer, or a service of questionable quality. Do you agree with the saying: there are always queues for good masters?
  • Business customers. If you have high requirements for photography services, then pay attention to the companies with which there is cooperation.
  • Image. The business card of a good photographer is a well-functioning website that runs smoothly and clearly lays out the information you need.
  • If you still doubt the choice of photographer, you can write in person to people who wrote reviews, view their facebook profiles.
  • Photography. Professionals work throughout Lithuania. Lovers stay in their hometown or within a radius of 20-30 km.

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