The wedding video operator advises the young people

Wedding video operator

Today, wedding video operator shares some useful tips. One of the things you will quickly learn as you begin this wedding planning journey is the relationships and collaborations with the people who organize them! It is not as simple as it seems. From family and friends straight to the organizers! Oh yes. When it comes time to capture your wedding day [...]

Locations of wedding photo sessions in Lithuania

Locations for wedding photo sessions

Locations for wedding photoshoots in Lithuania Vilnius Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, which is why the majority of Lithuanian couples live here. So it is in this city that most weddings take place. This time we have prepared for you a memo of the most popular wedding photoshoot locations. The old town of Vilnius is one of the largest old towns in Eastern and Central Europe, with elements of the Baroque style. However, in this part of the capital, you can also see […]

Wedding decoration ideas for young people

Wedding decoration ideas for young people

Wedding decoration ideas are really useful for young people looking for ideas for their homesteads and celebration. A photographer in Vilnius notices that wedding pomp is seen less and less recently on such a day, because young people are now starting to "give" preference to subtlety, elegance and the play of the festive mood. A specialist in wedding photography said that such rules now apply not only to decoration, but also to clothing. Three […]