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Weddings in 2022: tips on where to start wedding planning

Wedding 2022 - Wedding photographers

Weddings in 2022: tips, where to start? You can find our tips in this article. "Will you marry me?" - this is the question of many girls' dreams. From this question begins the planning of the big celebration, which can create a lot of uncertainty, take up a lot of time, and especially if the wedding will take place in 2022, when the new year is already on the nose, it is very important to plan the time and [...]

What is important to know when choosing a wedding photographer?


The search for a photographer begins on the Internet. With thousands of pages of choices available on Google's search engine, choosing a wedding photographer can be really difficult. It is at this stage that couples start to panic because they do not know how to choose the right professional photographer. Therefore, the professional wedding photographer and operator has prepared useful tips on what to do so that the search becomes a quickly solved task and does not take much [...]

Wedding colors in 2017 |

Wedding colors 2017

Wedding colors in 2017 Wedding colors in 2017 - What is your favorite color? Most of you would probably answer without even blinking. However, every year brings a new palette of fashionable shades, which is worth paying attention to when planning your wedding. We will present 2017 wedding color trends and tips on how not to get lost when choosing the most suitable colors for your celebration. Subtlety of muted shades 2017 […]