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Weddings in 2022: tips on where to start wedding planning

Wedding 2022 - Wedding photographers

Weddings in 2022: tips, where to start? You can find our tips in this article. "Will you marry me?" - this is the question of many girls' dreams. From this question begins the planning of the big celebration, which can create a lot of uncertainty, take up a lot of time, and especially if the wedding will take place in 2022, when the new year is already on the nose, it is very important to plan the time and [...]

Wedding in 2019: date, color and place

Wedding in 2019

Weddings in 2019 are already approaching, young people are choosing dates, colors, locations, so even when everyone starts planning the wedding, their heads are spinning with plans and ideas. However, the burden of problems and affairs before such a celebration is understood only after "tasting" the real flavor of wedding planning. Therefore, so that the wedding does not turn into chaos - organize the most beautiful celebration of your life at least a year in advance. As 2018 is already half over, […]

Wedding 2019 - a professional wedding photographer and video operator offers wedding planners

Wedding 2019

Wedding 2019 - a professional wedding photographer and video operator offers a calendar of perfect shots for those planning a wedding in 2019 to think about the months and dates to choose, taking into account auspicious days and numbers that bring success to your most beautiful celebration of the year. Wedding 2019 is the year of the pig according to the Chinese horoscope. So a piggy bank will be the best gift ever, just like a gift in an envelope - [...]