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To make the wedding photo session unique, ideas for you!


To make the wedding photo session unique, ideas for you! A wedding photo session is a good way to capture photos, giving them uniqueness. A wedding is an exceptional life event that requires long and careful preparation, after all, every detail is important in this celebration. One of the most important elements of the wedding is the photo session of the young people. After all, even after many years, when flipping through a photo album, you want to hold your breath and wipe away a tear of happiness again... And […]

Wedding photographer in Rokišky - beauty tips for the wedding celebration

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A wedding is a grand celebration, during which not only the young, but also the guests want to look flawless. Therefore, a wedding photographer in Rokišky, who performs not only technical work, shares advice on possible hairstyle options for a memorable occasion. Types of wedding hairstyles: If the bride wants to feel comfortable and unrestrained on the day, a ponytail is the most suitable. Such a hairstyle is extremely practical: you will be able to dance freely and [...]