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Wedding in 2019: date, color and place

Wedding in 2019

Weddings in 2019 are already approaching, young people are choosing dates, colors, locations, so even when everyone starts planning the wedding, their heads are spinning with plans and ideas. However, the burden of problems and affairs before such a celebration is understood only after "tasting" the real flavor of wedding planning. Therefore, so that the wedding does not turn into chaos - organize the most beautiful celebration of your life at least a year in advance. As 2018 is already half over, […]

Weddings in all seasons

Weddings in all seasons

Weddings in all seasons Weddings are the most memorable celebration of life, so when preparing for it, the newlyweds want everything to be perfect. That's probably why most couples get married in the summer, when even nature helps create that wonderful celebration. However, other seasons are also charming, and the unique landscapes create a special holiday atmosphere. We will present some ideas that will prove that weddings in all […]

The ultimate collection of tips for wedding photographers

for wedding photographers

The Biggest Collection of Tips for Wedding Photographers Wedding photographers often have to deal with many different intricacies of their job, so we're going to share a few tips. 1. Comfortable shoes You will definitely be walking a lot on your wedding day. Wear the most comfortable shoes possible – no one wants an irritated photographer. 2. Remove Obstacles Almost every wedding has that relative who cares about sneaking in everywhere and directing everything. Such […]