Wedding games, how to create a good environment at a wedding

Wedding games

Wedding games are a great way to liven up your wedding celebration! A wedding is a day when the heads are full of work and worries not only for the young people, but also for two more participants of this celebration - the cunning mother-in-law and the lying suitor. Therefore, in order to have a fun and memorable holiday, preparation is necessary. So the wedding photographer offers the following top ten wedding games. Wedding game - introduction The game […]

Christening photographer: how, when and what?

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Baptism is one of those holidays that you want to make as memorable as possible. In this case, you need a professional photographer who can provide quality services. In Lithuania, the choice is wide, so even the pickiest customer will be able to find the option that best meets his needs. Of course, a baptismal photographer should be chosen for the specific occasion of the christening, since he specializes in this field and knows best how to convey […]

The most original ideas for photo sessions: where is the limit?

  A photo session is one of the most widespread entertainments, which is becoming more and more popular not only with beautiful models, but also with male models. After deciding to immortalize, you have to turn your head, which idea could be worth a million. Even the most original ideas for photoshoots sooner or later become worn out, so if you want to be unique, you must choose something personal, maybe even […]