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Wedding in 2019: date, color and place

Wedding in 2019

Weddings in 2019 are already approaching, young people are choosing dates, colors, locations, so even when everyone starts planning the wedding, their heads are spinning with plans and ideas. However, the burden of problems and affairs before such a celebration is understood only after "tasting" the real flavor of wedding planning. Therefore, so that the wedding does not turn into chaos - organize the most beautiful celebration of your life at least a year in advance. As 2018 is already half over, […]

Wedding videographers and photographers at a good price

wedding videographers

Wedding videographers and photographers recommend Professional media is expensive and you won't change anything here. Couples spend thousands to make sure that their celebration is not only in their memory, but that they want to show those memories to everyone. However, you want to spend as little as possible while maintaining the same good quality. It may not be cheap, but following these tips can definitely save you money. Collection of money. […]

The best way to reduce wedding expenses

Wedding expenses

The best way to reduce the cost of your wedding Everything is becoming more expensive every day at the speed of light, so the cost of wedding services is no exception. How to choose guests? When is the best time to organize a wedding? How to solve the issue of sending invitations in a modern way? Such and similar questions come to your mind when you start making wedding plans. We guarantee that after reading this text, the work of planning a wedding celebration will turn into a fun two […]