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The ultimate collection of tips for wedding photographers

for wedding photographers

The Biggest Collection of Tips for Wedding Photographers Wedding photographers often have to deal with many different intricacies of their job, so we're going to share a few tips. 1. Comfortable shoes You will definitely be walking a lot on your wedding day. Wear the most comfortable shoes possible – no one wants an irritated photographer. 2. Remove Obstacles Almost every wedding has that relative who cares about sneaking in everywhere and directing everything. Such […]

Weddings 2017: which month to get married?

Wedding 2017

Weddings 2017: which month to get married? Couples planning a wedding are looking to create the perfect celebration for themselves and their friends. This is often the goal even when planning a wedding date. And there is no need to be surprised, because it has long been believed that a properly chosen wedding date can determine the success and duration of a marriage. So, if you are currently planning a wedding, you should consider the suggestions of astrologers. […]

Photo session in the rain, why don't you be afraid

Photo session in the rain

Photo session in the rain, why you don't need to be afraid Photo session in the rain is a different look at the photos "What if it rains?" is a question that photographers hear before every holiday. It is understandable, after all, a photo session in the rain is specific, for example, after wearing a wedding dress, you don't really want to splash in puddles. This is why every photographer should have a plan B. The most important thing when working on a rainy day is preparation. Holidays cannot […]