Before the wedding

The best way to reduce wedding expenses

Wedding expenses

The best way to reduce the cost of your wedding Everything is becoming more expensive every day at the speed of light, so the cost of wedding services is no exception. How to choose guests? When is the best time to organize a wedding? How to solve the issue of sending invitations in a modern way? Such and similar questions come to your mind when you start making wedding plans. We guarantee that after reading this text, the work of planning a wedding celebration will turn into a fun two […]

Wedding decoration ideas for young people

Wedding decoration ideas for young people

Wedding decoration ideas are really useful for young people looking for ideas for their homesteads and celebration. A photographer in Vilnius notices that wedding pomp is seen less and less recently on such a day, because young people are now starting to "give" preference to subtlety, elegance and the play of the festive mood. A specialist in wedding photography said that such rules now apply not only to decoration, but also to clothing. Three […]

A pre-wedding photo session is something you can't do without

Pre-wedding photo session

Pre-wedding photo session - something you can't live without Nowadays, when planning a wedding, engaged couples often organize a pre-wedding photo session. This is a great opportunity to get used to the camera, understand your inner uniqueness, and most importantly, this photo session allows the couple to freely express their love for their other half and gives them an opportunity to reveal their most creative thoughts. After this photo session, you will not only have wonderful memories [...]